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"This book kept me on the edge of my seat, looking forward to part 2 !!"

Dori on 

"Amazing storytelling. Markham dragged me in and made me feel like part of the story. I couldn't put it down!"

J Moore on Amazon

"Savage Wilderness weaves an enthralling narrative that follows the intertwined destinies of three individuals whose lives are about to undergo profound transformations. With a seamless blend of tragedy, adventure, and secrets, this book keeps readers on the edge of their seats from start to finish.
At the center of the story is William, a young man whose past has been marred by tragedy. Alongside his little brother, he seeks solace and safety on a ranch where they can use their special gifts in secret. However, their newfound tranquility is short-lived when unforeseen circumstances threaten their existence, forcing William to confront more adversity.
Enter Zane, a complex character who has faced neglect from his father and overindulgence from his mother. His deepest desire is to form a bond with William, but his younger brother stands in the way. As events take a drastic turn, Zane's life becomes intertwined with William's in unexpected ways, leading them both on a path of self-discovery and redemption."

Lindsey on Amazon

"As a fan of both westerns and the supernatural I throughly enjoyed this book! Savage Wilderness is very unique in being able to combine the two genres in a way that works perfectly. I loved the characters from start to finish and can’t wait to see where the series goes next."

DLunds on Amazon

"Markham is a powerful writer! He had me drawn in from the very beginning. Amazing story teller and I couldn't put the book down. CAN'T WAIT for the second book to come out."

Amazon Customer

"Peter kept me on the edge of my seat. I like the way he used one and two page chapters like James Patterson. Look forward to the next book, and who knows, maybe even a movie!"
"The book is a captivating story of three young men who have different backgrounds, abilities, and destinies, but are connected by a secret that will change their lives forever. The author skillfully weaves together the perspectives of William, Zane, and Two-Otters, creating a rich and diverse narrative that explores themes of family, friendship, identity, and love. The book also incorporates elements of fantasy, history, and culture, adding depth and intrigue to the plot. The characters are well-developed and relatable, each with their own struggles and growth. The book is full of action, suspense, emotion, and twists that will keep the reader engaged until the end. The book is a great choice for fans of historical fiction, fantasy, and romance."


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Peter Markham


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