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Characters that write their own lives

When i started Savage Wilderness, I had an idea of how I wanted the characters to look, where they lived and a few important plot points, but otherwise the story wasn't plotted out. At that time, I felt over my head.

I just started writing, I figured I would find the plot points I wanted. But then something great happened. As if the characters were real, they wrote their own lives. The story flowed out of me quickly, the events were so real when I wrote them. I felt what they felt and saw what they saw as the book produced itself.

A few of the planned plot points vanished, they would never fit. But some of the major ones fit like puzzle pieces. It was like each character needed to voice what they experienced.

I consider Savage Wilderness a collaboration more than just my imagination coming to life. The characters were a large part of the book's creation.

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