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Dystopian Eugenics

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

An upcoming project is Darwin's Icarus. A dystopian world set in moder America where the U.S. never stopped its eugenic breeding. Now children found to be homosexual, addicts, mentally or physically disabled, or any other defect are surrendered to the government to be housed in special Asylums. Some children are chosen to participate in televised games to entertain the populous. these games are deadly to the participants but that doesn't matter, they are called Almosts. they are not seen as human but almost human due to their defects. This story follows Colby Renquist, a gay 16-year-old boy. thanks to AI generated art, A picture of Colby can be added to this blog. I hope to release this book next year.

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Book 2 of the Savage Trilogy, Savage Wars is now on sale and my dystopian Darwin's Icarus. available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble or on the Rising Moon Publications website at a discount.

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Are you going to go into the history of Eugenics?

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