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No happy ending

I am working on the edits of the second book to the Savage Trilogy, Savage Wars. I plan to release this continuation of William, Zane and Two-Otter's story in 6 months.

A brief teaser:

The three boys decide to find Two-Otter's tribe. It has weighed on the young native boy that he never completed his spirit trials to become a warrior in the eyes of his people. Of course, his new tribe, his new family wouldn't hesitate to help him.

As they travel north, they encounter a frontier regiment of soldiers. They don't accept the fact that William is traveling with a native calling him a traitor. After being captured it takes a momentous event to free them.

Once they are free of the soldiers, they finally find the Blackfoot, but then encounter the same racist views the soldiers had for Two-Otters but for William and Zane. To add to their surmounting problems the tribe is being influenced into a war with the soldiers.

The three of them must find a way to bring peace to both sides before it escalates into the annihilation of either side.

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1 Comment

Counting down to when I can grab the second book!! I think I'm in love with two otters 😂

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