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Peter's birth

when it comes to creative work, many people have a pen name or alter ego. i feel its the story behind that name, what influences created a new person essentially?

for me Peter Markham is a dedication. growing up there were two women that influenced my love or reading and writing. they encouraged me continually to let my imagination flow on the page. my great grandmother always gave me books that challenged me. helped me to increase my vocabulary and mind. my grandmother would be supportive of all my writing no matter how good or bad. she would take me to the local library at least once a week.

because of these two special women Peter got his last name. i wanted to make sure that with every work i produce they are part of it since they will always be part of me.

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Book 2 of the Savage Trilogy, Savage Wars is now on sale and my dystopian Darwin's Icarus. available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble or on the Rising Moon Publications website at a discount.


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