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Savage Trilogy- Savage Beginnings

Why Am I here? Is probably what you are asking yourself right now. Why are you on a website for a new author that you have never heard of before?

Let me tell you why: You love reading and you want to escape to a world, where fantasy and history collide into a claw slashing, tooth gnashing adventure of three young men discovering themselves and accepting their pasts and differences.

The Savage trilogy is the story of 18-year-old William, 16-year-old Zane, and 13-year-old Two-Otters. The three were thrown together at a time when being different was hard enough, but adding in supernatural abilities was out of the question. They must ban together to discover their unique abilities, strengthen their friendships, and mourn their losses.

Still here? Great! This trilogy is just the beginning of a wider world that I am creating that will combine historic events and fantastic stories that will leave the reader wanting more. Werewolves in many works are depicted as the "bad guy", the "violent monster" and many other titles. My goal with the Savage trilogy is to show the softer side of lycans big and small. To show my audience that they are human and, just like many humans, there are good ones, bad ones, evil ones, and all the ones in between. Just like my story is filled with ups, downs, bad guys, and good guys, I wanted to create relatable characters that my audience could laugh with, mourn with, and fight with.

Native American religion helped me during a time in my life where there were not many people by my side. With the help of my spirit guide, I discovered the world of the Blackfoot tribe--their beliefs, their history, and their people. This trilogy introduces that world. I am also a practicing Pagan. My religion threads through supernatural aspects that I also weave into my stories.

I am a member of the LGBTQ+ community and I want my fellow members and allies to see my book and think of it as a safe place to run to where the opinions of the outside world don't exist.

If you have gotten this far, I am happy you found the Savage Trilogy. And I want to formally Welcome you to the family.


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Book 2 of the Savage Trilogy, Savage Wars is now on sale and my dystopian Darwin's Icarus. available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble or on the Rising Moon Publications website at a discount.


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