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Coming Soon June 2024

Darwin's Icarus

Civilization is a moral and perfect world.  Except for those that are considered broken.  Those that are homosexual, addicts, physically and mentally disabled, born of mixed race coupling are found to be broken; immoral.  They are called Almosts, almost human.  They are sent to asylums, removed from society.  

Then there are those that are chosen for the Darwinean Games.  Special events to entertain the masses and promise the Icarus participants their humanity.

Or at least that is what they think.

Colby, a 15 year old gay boy, is surrendered to an asylum school by his parents when he is found defective.  He must now fight for his life, at the same time as he tries to figure out who he is inside and find a way to be himself and realize he isnt actually defective, society is the broken thing.

Darwin's Icarus cover art
Colby in training
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