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These people have been a great help with my books.


Dori Lundy

Marketing Director

Poster, videos, and the creation of any materials that showcase my works are attributed to Dori and her great imagination.

Lindsey Evans

Chief Editing Director

Every book goes to Lindsey.  Her love of reading has made her invaluable to making sure that the continuity of my books flows.



Roll for gift

A talented Etsy artist, Caitlin is responsible for some of the character art for the first book, Savage Wilderness.  her work was used for the bookmarks sold as companions to the book.


Quirky Crafted Design

Nikki is responsible for the cover art for Savage Wars and Darwin's Icarus.  She has done a terrific job capturing the vision of how I wanted the covers to look.


Witch Pix

These talented photographers are responsible for all the author photos on the books and this site.  A special thanks to Luis for the terrific photos, G and Leah for helping us pick the perfect costumes for the photo shoot.

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