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Ancient Beginnings

With so many myths of the ancient contenant of Atlantis, I decided to add a new one. There are so many myths, stories, and legends that span the world's history. so many of them coincide with each other in places that never touched each other yet they shared similarities. One of these is the shape shifters. Lycans that were always perceived as the monstrous demons u=hunting humanity.

What if they began in a fabled location?

Not only that but what if they were created on purpose. Not to be the bane of human existence but in a way to protect it. A special class of people using magical sigils to create a warrior class. These warriors would have spread throughout the ancient world to fight battles. They could also have been emissaries.

But they had an unexpected side effect, even though they were created magically and started as humans, their genetics morphed so their children received their gifts without the aid of sigils. Unfortunately, this also would have created the notoriously poisonous bite they had that would create changed Lycans. A new breed that could become more dangerous. Born shifters held their humanity always, however the changed could become overwhelmed by their emotions. Thus, creating the historical monsters of legend.

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