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Making the Wild West Wilder

In so many books were-animals exist in either some historical point of Europe, or modern era or even a futuristic location. I chose a time and place for my first book Savage Wilderness where my characters could exist with nearly no human interaction.

1806 was a perfect time, westward expansion was just beginning. The Lewis and Clark expedition had passed through. their expedition had interactions with the Blackfoot tribes. it was inevitable that my characters would come across the pioneers forging their way into the frontier.

I believe it makes sense that creatures would move away from human societies when they were hunted for so long. the American frontier in Wyoming made a perfect scene for this. the mountains, plains, rivers and lakes create a nice womb for life to seclude itself.

but as with any life on the planet, eventually time collides into those who want peace, creating a tangle of problems.

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Book 2 of the Savage Trilogy, Savage Wars is now on sale and my dystopian Darwin's Icarus. available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble or on the Rising Moon Publications website at a discount.


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